Hi, I’m Becki, a nail artist and CJP educator for Wiltshire.

I have been in the industry for the past 15 years, having trained in 2006 when I discovered my love and passion for nail enhancements. I decided to become a nail technician after having acrylic nails put on for my prom, I spent the whole appointment mesmerized by the tech and decided this is what I wanted to do too.

I began my career working at two local salons in my area and loved my time in both, making friendships with fellow colleagues that I still have now. I now work from my home salon and love that my passion and hobby has turned into a successful business. In 2016 we had some training in the salon I managed at the time and the trainer was using CJP, it was a system I had seen but never really looked at (if I’m honest, change used to scare me a little!).

The trainer let me have a play with her CJP acrylic and that was a huge turning point in my career. Until then I had always felt that I was a good nail technician, but that my skills were somewhat lacking that wow factor. We ordered some products from CJP to try in the salon and within weeks I felt excited about doing people’s nails again, I instantly felt more confident and was so happy to see clients come back with a full set on with no chips or lifting – my nail game had changed for the better.

In 2017 I went on a training course with Jemma the founder of CJP nail systems. She explained how the system came about and I fell in love with it even more – it was so refreshing to see that the face behind the brand had such a strong belief in it, understood nail techs needs and listened to the users. This became very important to me and gave me huge confidence in the brand. Over the years I have seen my work change for the better and my enthusiasm for all thing nail-related grow and I have CJP to thank for that!

The main treatments that my client base have are gel manicures and acrylic enhancements. I have a full client base and do back to back appointments 5 days a week. Although it can be tiring, I am so grateful to have such loyal customers and a thriving business. I love the friendships I have built with my clients over the past 10 years and would absolutely class them as friends. My favourite style of nail is a square salon style, perfectly polished with flawless cuticle application, followed closely by a classic ombre. However, I do get a little excited when a client has a longer appointment and I can let me creative style loose – my clients have some amazing visions that I love to bring to life.

Sharing your passion and helping other achieve theirs is such a great feeling and one that felt like a natural step in progressing my career. However, I didn’t just want to train with anyone – I wanted to train with the best, so after contacting CJP to be told they would looking for educators in the not too distant future was super exciting. I stalked the Facebook pages for weeks waiting for the advert and then applied and got the position – I was so happy!

So now a little bit about me… If I’m not in my little home salon you will find with my fur boy Ernie, a very lively 2-year-old cocker spaniel. There is nothing more I love than putting my wellies on and exploring the countryside with him (and hoping to find a pub garden along the way!) When I’m not with Ernie I’m often with my girls. I’m so lucky to have such a great group of friends around me and we love spending times around each other’s house (or again in a bar) putting the world to rights. I would like to think my friends would say my main trait is wanting to help others and that is from where my want and love for training has grown.

So far in my CJP journey I have spent a week with Chrissie and Jemma having extensive training on different skills and techniques. We have covered everything from beginners to advanced training and I cannot wait to share these skills with you, offering the most up to date and unique techniques. I’m so excited to share my new journey with you and guide you and grow your confidence along yours and I look forward to meeting you.

For more information contact Becki directly on her Facebook page! Click here