Hello my beauties! Im Beki, a crazy, friendly and proud educator for Chrissie and CJP based in Cornwalll. I have been in the nail industry for 10 years. (Doesn’t feel that long!) as the saying goes ‘do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life’.
I originally completed my qualification at college in 2010 whilst on maternity leave (I worked for a well known photography company making frames) and never went back!

I set up a little salon at home in my dining room straight away – I loved creating pretty nails so much but my college skills were very basic and I always felt there was room for improvement. I have always been ‘arty’ and I wanted to apply art to nails (I just didn’t know how) also perfect techniques and offer my clients a variety of nail designs/systems so went on to do a separate hard gel conversion course, gel polish and lots of nail art and skill building courses in between with some of the best nail techs in the industry… one of which was Chrissie Pearce!
Although I was doing well working from home after my second child it was becoming really stressful for me, I’m a bit of a clean freak so I would get anxious about clients coming over incase my children had made mess, I felt like I was home all the time and I wanted to get out! (Love my children with all my heart but this mum needed a break!)
Chrissie advertised some desks to rent in her new salon – half of me thought ‘I’m not good enough’ and the other half ‘if you don’t apply you will regret it!’ Applied ….and im still here 7 years later! After a few years the thought of teaching came into my head, that I would love to share all I have learnt and pass on skills and techniques that I had over the years to students. I bit the bullet and qualified to be and educator.  I started shadowing Chrissie on her courses and she eventually encouraged me to do it on my own (I was SO nervous) but, first course in and I had NO idea what I was worried about! I absolutely loved it! The sense of acheivement and the feeling of helping students to complete sets of nails that took me years to create using Chrissies manuals makes me beyond proud of my students, not just helping with their struggles but understanding and being able to relate and to pass on my combined nail skills I had learnt over the years to them is so so rewarding! Fast forward 7 years and here I am still proud to be working with Chrissie at the salon and a CJP educator – grateful and proud and I can not wait to see what you all create!
I specialise in Hard Gel, Gel Polish and skill building plus art- so I can’t wait to help to take you to the next level!

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