Hi my names Claire!

Alongside nails I’m married to my wonderful husband and between us we have 6 children and 2 pugs so if there’s one thing we are good at its multi tasking! We work together in our studio in Wick where we do body piercings, tattoos and my favourite thing….nails!

We are currently expanding into providing beauty treatments to go along side my first love of NAILS NAILS NAILS. I don’t actually remember a time in my life when I wasnt fascinated with all things nails, the styles and designs just mesmerised me and once I qualified that was it!
I have literally lived and breathed nails from that day forward. I love experimenting and if I can’t do something initially I will practice until I can, I won’t let anything beat me. I like to find ways to pull of designs that fit into salon life. I love intricate designs but being a salon tech I like to be able to offer something that looks like it’s taken hours when in reality I’ve usually practiced that much I’ve found the quickest way possible to do the design. I’m excited to share my knowledge showing my students the fast track way.
I absolutely adore everything CJP and feel the products took my work to the next level, I didn’t think in my wildest dreams I would become an educator but here I am killin it! Now it’s my turn to take YOU to your next level, I absolutely love nurturing students and making you see just how easy things can be done once it’s been broken down. Also being the person to start beginners on there journey is an honour, I want to pass all my tips and tricks on and watch you unleash your potential and feel proud in knowing that I was a small but hopefully influential part of your journey. Along the way I have realised that A, Rome wasn’t built in a day and B, Never give up, you get out what you put in and anything is achievable with practice. On that note all that’s left to say is I can’t wait to meet you soon.


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