Alex Rourke - Gel Polish Skills & Art Class - Manchester

The first thing I noticed was her flooded cuticles…….If you never want the fear of the flooded cuticle again then this is your holy grail of gel polish application…..
At CJP we are obsessed with flawless finishes and fun designs. This class will fill you with so many tips you will not believe the difference in not only your application but the difference in the staying power of your gel manicures.
Did you know it’s possible to build an apex on natural nails using gel polish?!…..let us show you how….CJP educators apply black gel polishes with their eyes closed or so our students believe after seeing them in action!  It’s incredible the designs you can create with a swirl of a brush, it’s easy when you know how! If you want to know more not only about CJELP but about Gel Polish, then this course is for you!

What you will cover;
Base coats,
Demo How to use BOB over natural nails
Normal Gel Polish Application on natural nails
How to soak off safely
Neat Application over structure like BOB
Top Coats and basic neatness
Super close cuticle application
French with Gel polish
Incorporating glitters and thin encapsulated media (art/foils)
Art with Gel polish- so, gliding, marbling, design work and ombre with pigments.
(art designs will vary based on the educator you have chosen)

This is a CJP Course so you will need to bring CJP Items or purchase a kit. – A full kit is available from your educator

1 day – 4hrs
Max per class 4-6
Model Require or practice on yourself
Prerequisites- Must hold a Gel Polish Qualification

Please do not choose this course if you require this as a 1-2-1. You will need to remove hands of extensions if you don’t have a model so you can practice on yourself.
All monies booking fees, and balances are final and non-refundable unless extreme circumstances arise, please read the FULL Terms and conditions before booking your place found on our T’ & C’s page.