Becki Ellis - Gel Polish Beginners - Wiltshire

Do you love painting nails but get fed up of them chipping? Often get complimented on your polished nails or simply no longer have the time to attend regular salon appointments and have always “fancied” doing nails? Or are you a seasoned tech and haven’t ventured into getting that all-important qualification yet?
Well this is the perfect place to start, not only will you learn how to polish flawlessly you will be taught how to paint nails that last alongside all the health and safety that comes with using nail products and a safe removal. This course should come with a highly addictive warning as unfortunately you will soon be hooked and discover you can never have enough colours!

What you will cover;
Health and safety
Preparation of the natural nail
Manicure knowledge
Base coats
Application on natural nails /super close work
How to soak off safely
Application over Acrylic or Gel (if applicable)
Top Coats and basic neatness
French with Gel polish

Don’t forget you can add on our Gel Polish mini art class after this in the same day too!
1 day – Approx 4hrs 9am – 1pm
Max per class 4 -6
Model Required or work on super realistic silicone hand (you will need to provide)
Prerequisites- None- all theory is completed online, if student is qualified in Hard Gel Or Acrylic you will NOT need to complete the online theory prior to the practical traning day.

This is a CJP Course so you will need to bring CJP Items or purchase a kit. – A full kit list is available from your educator.

Terms and Conditions
Please do not choose this course if you require this as a 1-2-1. As a beginners course a model is MANDATORY for this course to pass the practical exam.
All theory is completed online from 4 weeks before the practical day.
All monies booking fees, and balances are final and non-refundable unless extreme circumstances arise, please read the FULL Terms and conditions before booking your place found on our T’ & C’s page.