Claire Dickson 1-2-1 - 31 Jan 2021 - Renfew

Do you feel stuck in rut, taking two steps forward and one step back?……if so this is the course for you.

Our educators will reignite your passion for nails, tailor a day to suit you, watch how things are broken down so they suddenly “make sense”. At CJP our educators make learning fun whilst creating a safe and exciting environment so you will feel like you are spending the day with an old friend. You can cover whatever you want, and you will be shown various ways to achieve the same result, we have spent years breaking down nails and art into simple achievable steps, forget the mind blowing tutorials you have tried over the years to follow and come and sit down with one our educators and find your “lightbulb” moment. Our educators are trained to “teach” easy to follow steps that will leave you raring to go.

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