Kerry Coote - Back To Basics - Group Class - Suffolk - 13/14/15/16th September 2021

This course is ran over 4 consecutive days – 13th/14th/15th/16th September

Well well well did you know our founder came up with the name Back to Basics many years ago, the course proved so popular due to social media many educators renamed there own courses to follow suit! CJP back to basics is the original tried and tested, completed by hundreds of students who have travelled from different countries to attend this special class.

Back to basics is like no other it was created by Jemma porch who had herself completed college in 1999 and left fully qualified with all the gear yet no ideal!…..after years off struggling to find her own strength Jemma completed many 1-2-1 sessions with many different technicians and over the years put together everything she had learnt and broke it down and simplified it and literally “filled” the gap for the hundreds and thousands of other nail techs who found themselves in the position she was once in , qualified yet not confident, no need to do a complete beginners course but desperately needing an up to date more comprehensive “refresher” from the perfect prep routine to fitting forms and applying tips, learning how to do that perfect cuticle bead with the end result being good quality salon nails that will ensure your diary is never empty, this course is so much more than the basics it’s everything rolled into once.

All the best bits of all our courses, all the tips and tricks we have learnt over the years including our famous C curve nails using only a form!

We promise you will leave this course feeling like a different technician and form friendships within the industry that will not only last a life time but will always give you someone to bounce ideas off.

This course is unique, original and game changing.

As Per the Terms and conditions you will sign upon paying for this course we need reiterate that all monies paid are non refundable or non transferable unless extreme circumstances arise, at your educators discretion dates can be moved.

Once you have paid for your course your educator will be in contact with you within one working day.

Model not required, you can work on yourself or a silicone hand

Prerequisites – Must hold and Acrylic Qulifiaction


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