Kristina Thompson- Beginners Acrylic - Group Class - 22nd November/6th December

Hello and congratulations on taking your first steps into the Nail world, we are so glad that we found each other!….CJP Educators have been taught every single detail on this course by our very own head of education ‘Chrissie Pearce’ Chrissie has spent years designing this course and the results speak volumes, you won’t be thrown into the deep end you will be confident and capable at producing salon standard nails by the time you have completed this course.

Our promise to you is to nurture you every step of the way, at CJP our educators are ‘working techs’ they know how to simplify the steps to ensure you learn to create salon standard nails, we concentrate on the basics so you can leave us with a strong understanding on basic salon nails, product knowledge and safety.

Chrissie is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to delivering education even for companies in Canada – the manuals and training you will receive is like no other, our educators all went back to basics durning a week long intensive training session with Chrissie to ensure they learnt every detail of this course from a beginners perspective. Our Educators have been chosen by Chrissie not only for there skills but also for there compassion and nurturing nature which we feel is very important.

Your educator will become your mentor and do everything in their power to ensure your first steps into the nail industry are not only knowledgeable but also fun and more importantly making sure you leave us with the confidence and ability to succeed.

At CJP we value each and every one of our students and have our own support group to give you access to a CJP Educator should you ever need it, we are like family and if your mentor is busy then one of our other educators will be happy to answer any questions you have have. We will aways ‘have your back’ once your course finishes the door does not simply close at CJP,it is forever open.

Students complete theory online, covering all H&S and course outline in their own time, all practical is carried out over two long days over two weeks.

What you will cover

  • Recap on Health and safety after completing it online.
  • Using nail files, preparing the nail safely, understanding Acrylic and everything surrounding it. Learning Ratio, Fitting Tips, Sculpting, Completing basic salon shapes cuticle application and learning how to shape and finish file efficiently. Also covering Reverse French, maintenance and safe removal and troubleshooting.

This is a CJP Course so you will need to to purchase a CJP kit.

Terms and Conditions
Please do not choose this course if you require this as a 1-2-1.
All monies booking fees, and balances are final and non-refundable unless extreme circumstances arise, please read the following Terms and conditions before booking your place;


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