Louise Bradshaw - CJP Product Knowledge - North Lanarkshire

Are you confident in nails yet look at other techs nails and feel like you are “missing a trick” if so this is ideal for you!  CJP is life and we want you to get the very best out of it, our Instagram is nail heaven, We all know what can be achieved and sometimes a simple adjustment in how you are working Is all it takes to give your nails the wow factor, you will learn how to get the very best out of our system and gain the confidence to experiment and really push yourself knowing that with CJP and your skills the possibilities are endless.

A short 1-2hr course for already qualified nail technicians to attend if they wish to learn how to use CJP. Be aware this isn’t a skill building class and is not priced as such, this small 2 hr class shows, explains and demos the use of CJP acrylic and the correct way to use it as per manufacturers instructions, advice and knowledge you won’t find from anyone but a CJP educator!

What you will cover
How CJP differs to other products,
The different monomers
How the powders work
Brush prep and health and safety
Prep and primers
Correct ratio and when and how to use it

This is done on practice sheets and on swatch sticks, one you are armed with the knowledge you can continue with practicing ratio.

This is a CJP Course so you will need to bring CJP Items or purchase items, a full kit list can be obtained from your educator.