Maria Corke - E-filing Beginners - group class (4) - Wednesday 8th September

1.30 – 5.30  AM Start –  Model is mandatory and must have at least 2-3 week of growth enchnacements – 1 day – Approx 4hrs
Max per class 4 – Prerequisites- A Gel or Acrylic qualification- All theory modules are completed online prior to practical day

Shoulder Ache, hand ache the fear of coloured acrylic and the dreaded back fills…..sound familiar?? Yes we have all been there and sat on the fence contemplating training in efile but listening to that voice in our ear warning of the dangers, wondering how we explain the jump to electric filling to our clients after swearing blind for years they “ruin nails” -well there is no time like the present!

Your efile will become your best friend, not only will it dramatically speed up your times it will help protect you from suffering further down the line from the physical toll on your body from hand filing. There’s a saying that is so true “it’s the fools, not the tools” you will not cause any damage at all once you are trained in how to use an electric file, you will learn not only how to wizz through acrylic but you will be taught how to wizz through safety ensuring that your efile quickly becomes your most valuable piece of equipment. Time is money!

All monies booking fees, and balances are final and non refundable unless extreme circumstances arise, please read the full Terms and Conditions before booking your place found on our T’s & C’s Page.


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