Hi! I am Rachel, your educator for CJP West Sussex.

I’ve been in the nail game since 2015 and absolutely loved my journey and investing big in my nail career. I’ve met amazing educators along the way and absolutely love the travels it’s taken me on, it’s been fun I’ve met very close friends in the industry from it!

I am also a sucker for glitter and more glitter. If I had it my way my house would be pink and glitter.

When you come for training you will have my full attention as I want all my students to walk away feeling confident, ready and excited for your new CJP skills learnt from your time with me for your amazing nail journey.


I love acrylic it’s my go to I love smile lines ombré and anything to go with glitter and bright colours- I hope my work says it all. I had an amazing time at CJP HQ educators week working with Chrissie Pearce and being shown the CJP way for teaching it’s amazing.

Can’t wait to meet you, 

Rachel x

For more information contact Rachel directly on her Facebook page! Click here