Hi I’m Kerry your CJP educator for South Yorkshire and just love everything that is to do with nails and arty stuff. I am a home based nail tech and I also do some teaching from here also. I’ve been in the nail industry since 2012 when I decided that I was going to go back to college and fulfil my dream’s of doing nails, just nails.

I qualified in 2013 and I was raring to go. I soon came to realise how big and amazing the industry was. It wasn’t just about doing a quick set and polish and that’s when I realised I could put the arty side of me to good use and produce high level nails and I soon became a sort after nail technician in my hometown creating bespoke nails.

I have travelled all over the UK to learn from some of the best nail technicians in the industry. I combined the skills that I had learnt and every day became a new ambition to be better than the day before and the day I discovered CJP nail systems was the day I knew it was going to accomplish my goals. CJP for me was a game changer. It was just perfect for me and how I worked. Not to mention how amazing the support group is too. CJP was created by nail techs for nail techs, there’s no gimmicks and we’re all in this together. It’s like an extended family.

The idea of teaching started to creep into my mind and then one day CJP scouted me to be one of the CJP educators. Obviously I said yes immediately. Who wouldn’t! It was everything I dreamed of, teaching but also with an amazing product I already loved and with a company that has great ambitions and morals themselves.

I absolutely love teaching, it’s amazing to know that all my hard work and continued self progression is being passed on to new nail techs and those that want to improve their skills. There’s no better feeling than watching a student crack something that they have struggled with for so long, because they had a hands on teaching experience that breaks it all down so that it’s easy to follow. Then you see that smile of self achievement from them, it makes me so happy to know that I’ve helped someone achieve their goals.
My goal as an educator and with CJP is to bring new and better teaching to help produce high quality nail technicians from the get go and to help existing techs to develop their skills. I want people to succeed, I want people to walk away feeling like they can do what they came to learn and I believe that you will get that with me at CJP.

My hobbies tend to consist of nails, nails and more nails haha. It’s safe to say that if you choose to come and train with me then you will be learning from someone that has a huge passion for nails and wants to pass on my skills. I look forward to helping you start your nail journey or to help move you forward in a career you love just as much as me.

Kerry x

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